image Kim Copeland Long recognized as one of Nashville’s top independent producers, she brings an incredible array of experience and industry relationships to the table. As a trained vocal coach, performance coach and songwriting coach, she daily helps artists and songwriters bring their best efforts into the studio.

She has written, performed and produced country, Christian, pop and rock music. Her track record as a performer, musician and songwriter makes her the perfect conduit between singer and band, between musical vision and sonic reality.

Her clients have won numerous competitions and topped print and online music charts, and her work for artists including Nashville Star finalist Rachel Williams, James Kevin O’Connor, Esha, Taylor Henry, Chris Monaghan, McKenna Faith and Leather & Lace has drawn critical raves.

Her position as owner of one of the best-equipped project studios on Music Row, and her hands-on experience in many of the nation’s top recording facilities, means she can offer the complete recording experience. The combination has helped many of her clients attain publishing and record deals.

Perhaps the best indication of the respect in which she’s held in the industry is her inclusion in The Art & Science of Sound, the acclaimed video series on music production and recording put together by world-renowned producer/artist Alan Parsons and also featuring legends like Michael McDonald and producer Tony Brown.

“Being a woman in a male-dominated industry might make me stand out a bit. I’m probably more nurturing and a little different in my approach, but I’m dead serious about the quality of my work. I’ve been working with songwriters and artists for over 20 years, and I love what I do. I want to send every client out the door with a great-sounding project, and a little farther along on their musical journey.”


image Susan Tucker

Susan Tucker is KCP’s not-so- secret weapon. She is a team builder, an organizer, a motivator and a T-crosser who combines big-picture perspective with attention to detail. Experienced in many aspects of the creative and business sides of music, she brings a world of practical know-how to every project.

Susan moved from her native Houston to Nashville 25 years ago to begin her career as a performing songwriter with an interest in the business side of music. Her work in music publishing with some of Music Row’s legendary songwriters led her to write two books–The Soul of a Writer, and The Secrets of Songwriting, featuring conversations with friends and hit writers including Brett Beavers, Bob DiPiero, Gretchen Peters, Kim Williams, Steve Seskin and Craig Wiseman. Together, they comprise an indispensable collection of wit and wisdom for songwriters at every level.

Her book tours included lectures, workshops and mentoring sessions all over the country, including an invitation to lecture at Boston’s renowned Berklee School of Music. She has also taught and spoken many times at artist and songwriting events like the TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles.

But there is much more to Tucker’s industry experience. She has worked as a song plugger and in artist management. She has organized and promoted live shows, including highly successful benefits, especially involving her favorite charitable cause–animal welfare.

She publishes The Songwriters Connection, an e-tip sheet about the craft and business of songwriting, and The Artist Connection E-Tip, which focuses on artist development, marketing opportunities, and other career builders. Tucker brings to KCP wide business knowledge and deep connections with the creativity and business communities in Nashville.

She is key to many of the industry partnerships that help KCP’s clients take that next step, to create that special niche that gives the indie artist or rising songwriter that extra boost. She is that rarity on Music Row–a business co-founder who retains every bit of her original passion and enthusiasm. She is the magician whose wand adds that extra bit of magic, the backstage wizard who makes everyone in front of the curtain look great. It is her excitement and expertise that give KCP much of its special edge, and helps insure its continued success.


“When I was introduced to Kim, her expertise came thru immediately. First and foremost she made me think about what I wanted to do with my music. Writing songs and having them produced is one thing, but having an endgame is another. Kim brought to me the real focus and drive, which I had been lacking.”
Rick Brindell


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