Esha – Official Music Video

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This is Esha.

Esha came to Kim Copeland Productions last year to record a handful of songs she had written. I was immediately drawn to her unique voice, her exceptional songwriting and her sweet and humble personality. But I really did not appreciate the depth of her talent until we were working together in the studio.

During our pre-production and production sessions, Esha was so creative and anxious to learn; soaking in everything I surrounded her with.   She quickly gained the respect of the world-class musicians and rose to every challenged I set for her.

I am so proud of how she has developed as an artist and all that we have accomplished together in the past year; Recorded and released her debut album, developed her stage performance skills, delivered some amazing performances before impressive audiences, and continued to grow as an artist and songwriter.

And now, on the day she celebrates her 15th birthday, she also celebrates the release of her first music video! Esha’s song “Yesterday” is a song that not only shines a light on some very important topics, such as bullying, violence, regret, but also empowers its audience to change them.

I encourage you to check out Esha’s music and her story. Her voice is refreshing in a world of sameness. Her songs are empowering and uplifting. And this is only the beginning for this beautiful young artist! I am honored to be working with her! And thrilled to be introducing her to you!

You’re welcome!


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