``My son Charlie was at a crossroad. He was playing some local venues and trying to figure out what he needed to do to further his music. Along came Kim Copeland Productions. Kim, Susan and the experts that that have really changed the game for him. The devil is in the details and they leave no detail to chance. From song selection to arrangements they do the upfront work to make sure the studio time is efficient and creative. Coming from California to Nashville to record his album was an amazing experience! The musicians Kim uses are the best! Period! Kelly and Kim in the Studio make it fun and challenge the artist to become better and make something they are proud of. Susan connects you with all the needed pieces to become relevant in an ever changing music business. We look forward to the journey and are glad we chose Kim Copeland Productions to begin that journey with.``



``The kicker for working with Kim’s team is that it includes great project support with regard to photo, video, licensing, duplication, and other logistics necessary to make an album come to life. Susan Tucker provides project management support that completely rounds out the experience and effectiveness of the team. Susan connected me to some of the best in the business with regards to a bio, CD printing and manufacturing, and photography, and other areas. My experience was amazing. The best part out of the whole project was that I found a team that didn’t just bring me in and support me while I was there, but continues to support me even after the release!``


``KCP are the consummate professionals and create a recording experience second to none. Over the past two years I have recorded 30 demos with Kim and the gang—she absolutely captures the feel I am trying to convey in each song, every time. Her genuine interest in your music and her goal to produce the best song for the writer is realized from the start. The musicians and vocalists, with Kim and Kelly, pay attention to every detail to create the sound, tone, mood, and groove the writer is looking for. I will only have my songs recorded by the gang at Kim Copeland productions! They are awesome!!``



``A few years back, as a new songwriter I struggled to find the a way to get my songs produced and started with a number of ``demo services`` that left me less than impressed with their organizations as well as my songs. However when I was introduced to Kim, her expertise came thru immediately. First and foremost she made me think about what I wanted to do with my music. Writing songs and having them produced is one thing, but having an endgame is another. Kim brought to me real focus and drive, which I had been lacking. Once we got into the studio, she made my songs come alive, with her stable of fantastic musicians and singers. She is so nice and easy to work with, and she gives the songwriter true input in their own songs that most others do not. Kim is top notch, and I truly value her work, philosophies, and personality. Every time I correspond with Kim, is a day of sunshine in my life. Love Her! You will too! I referred to Kim a friend of mine, Kelly and his daughter Esha who is a 14 year talented songwriter and singer who is now working very closely with Kim to develop Esha's talents, and they love her too. No surprise there. Esha's first CD ``Beautiful`` is just that: Beautiful! If you are a songwriter and you are not working with Kim, you are making a huge mistake!``


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