Thanks for your interest in our song pitching opportunity. This is something we’re doing exclusively for our demo clients.

We are constantly being asked, by our clients if we can pitch their songs for them. But because we focus entirely on our studio and music production, we would make terrible song pluggers.

It takes someone being totally focused on pitching songs to be really good at it.

A plugger has to constantly be developing and maintaining connections at labels and with music supervisors to be able to get in the right doors and be listened to. Professional song pluggers have access to the industry lists of who is looking and what they are looking for. So we’ve worked a special arrangement with professional song plugger, Springbarrel Songwriter Services, to take our client’s songs and put them in the hands of the decision makers.


When you record 6 Standard demos* (at one recording session), we will arrange for 4 of those songs to be pitched for 3 months to major label artists and record companies.


When you record 6 Master level demos* (at one recording session), we'll arrange for 4 of those songs to be pitched for 6 months to major label artists and record companies AND they will also be pitched to TV & film and special projects.


The initial 6 songs, must be approved by producer Kim Copeland and the 4 songs to be pitched, are to be selected by Springbarrel Songwriter Services. Sessions must be completed by May 31, 2018. Maximum 24 songs per songwriter.
Hear samples of our demos at


“Songwriters, next time you want a killer demo…contact Kim Copeland! We have worked together on 4 tracks now and she is awesome at getting the exact sound you’re looking for!”
Scott Southworth, Host, The Music Row Show


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